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8th-Apr-2016 01:07 am - My very first fanfic!
Hi guys! I am currently writing about my very first fanfic, which is obviously about JUMP. I decided to do this because of my online friends who have been with me since day 1. I would eventually dedicate every chapter I post to certain people just because I want to express how important they are for me. ♡ PS. Even though I don't dedicate a chapter to YOU, who is reading right now, always remember that I still appreciate the fact that you're reading the fanfic and you are amazing! xo.

Lol. I would probably post the prologue after a few days. I honestly don't have a plot yet. I do hope I could come up with something before the week ends. And also, I don't know how many chapters will the fanfic consist of yet so please anticipate. / w i n k s /

See you guys soon! 
inoo kei, hey! say! jump
For starters, I would like to introduce myself.

こんにちわ(Hello)!*shamelessly pats your butt* わたしわNieです(I'm Nie)!I'm currently 16 and will be entering my sophomore year in college after a few months. By the way, I'm not that new in LJ. It's just that I just don't post that much. But from now on, I would do my best to be as active as you guys. / s m i l e s / よろしくおねがいします(Please take care of me)!

As you can see, Inoo-chan is my ichiban. いのおちゃん好きだよ。Inoo-chan is the love of my life. いのおちゃん愛してるよ。 Inoo is gay.

Yes, you.

Don't worry, sweetheart. ♡ You are still the adorable and annoyingly cute Inoo-chan we all know!

What a dork.

Inoo wasn't originally my ichiban. At first, it was Yama-chan. It just happened that Inoo was able to steal the spotlight from Ryosuke and eventually got my attention. / c h u c k l e s / I still love Ryo-chan, though!

For my niban, it's the ever-so-cheerful..


Hikaru-kun! He's such an angel. He had also grown so much through the years.

From a very かわいい(cute) and lovable child..

..to a very hardworking, respectable and amazing idol.

Even though he looks like he's on drugs and is always high 90% of the time (LOL), I still love him as much as I love Inoo!

As a matter of fact, I'm a hardcore ひかのおHikaNooshipper which means that I'm definitely a trash for all things HikaNoo.


So. Much. Feels.

I can't even recall how I first shipped this two. おかひか (OkaHika), たかいの(TakaIno) and いのあり(InoAri) are the famous OTPs nowadays, but no one compares to this two. I can't deny the fact that the 3 previous ships I've mentioned are so close with each other, and HikaNoo, as you may all noticed, only exists during Rajira. I do hope they spend more time with each other in private. / s i g h s / If you've watched them during their Junior days, you'll realize how close this two are. Of course, I totally ship the trio as well : やぶひかのお(YabuHikaNoo).

The boys from Hey! Say! JUMP are the most precious dorks I've ever treasured in my life and they need to be protected at all times. ♡ I recently became a fan (if you consider early 2015 as recent, that is)but I managed to get all the information I need to get to know the boys.

From the JE video where they recorded themselves and warned the fans' rude behavior, to the yarakashi fanclub, the 10000 word interviews, and even some of their Jr. day moments. I can't say that I know them as much as the older fans, but I'm proud to say that I'm happy to have met and know about them. Transition here.

I like JE as a whole but I never tried listening to songs of other JE artists besides JUMP's. I would really appreciate it if you guys recommend me though! I did like one of KAT-TUN's songs. I heard it from their show where they travel and negotiate with people but I don't know the title of the song. / s i g h s /

I like watching KAT-TUN and Arashi in variety shows so much. They're definitely interesting and amusing to watch. If I were to be asked about my ichiban for both groups, I would eventually pick Nakamaru and Nino. ♡ Damn, I love guys with N in their names.

That ends my lame introduction post.

My OTP's not satisfied. I'll end this post with a lovely YabuHika GIF instead. (Because why not? They're the real deal and a thing anyway)/ w i n k s /

inoo kei, hey! say! jump
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