inookeis (inookeis) wrote,

My very first fanfic!

Hi guys! I am currently writing about my very first fanfic, which is obviously about JUMP. I decided to do this because of my online friends who have been with me since day 1. I would eventually dedicate every chapter I post to certain people just because I want to express how important they are for me. ♡ PS. Even though I don't dedicate a chapter to YOU, who is reading right now, always remember that I still appreciate the fact that you're reading the fanfic and you are amazing! xo.

Lol. I would probably post the prologue after a few days. I honestly don't have a plot yet. I do hope I could come up with something before the week ends. And also, I don't know how many chapters will the fanfic consist of yet so please anticipate. / w i n k s /

See you guys soon! 
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